语言: 英语

出版社: emagazines

出版日期: 2021年5月2日


Articles in this issue: The great urban tech reset What cities need now How megacities could lead the fight against climate change Inside the rise of police department real-time crime centers The pandemic could remake public transportation for the better One city’s fight to solve its sewage problem with sensors What’s bigger than a megacity? China’s planned city clusters These drone photos show urban inequality around the world How technology helped archaeologists dig deeper Why cities will come back stronger after covid Rio de Janeiro is making a digital map of one of Brazil’s largest favelas Slum dwellers in India get unique digital addresses Cape Town fights for energy independence Can “democracy dollars” keep real dollars out of politics? How to build freestanding public restrooms that are clean and safe Five bridges that show how technology is changing Politics and the pandemic have changed how we imagine cities Los Angeles: “A Humming, Smoking, Ever-Changing Contraption” Fiction: Unpaired The city inside our heads Bi-monthly magazine version of MIT Technology Review. This is different than the recipe named simply "Technology Review" which downloads the rss feed with daily articles from the website.